What we do?

Every year, vast amounts of trash end up in the world's oceans. Millions of tons of plastic pollute nature. A large proportion of this waste ends up in the oceans via rivers - mainly in Asia, but also in Europe. This must be prevented.

We are cleaning up the Spree from source to mouth - but first we are starting in Greater Berlin. Together with our partners, we want to free the banks of the Spree from waste. The goal is to create awareness that trash should not be carelessly thrown away or, better yet, avoided in the first place!

Unser Dankeschön für Dich

Für die Teilnahme am 1. Spree Clean Up möchten wir uns herzlich bedanken. Als Dankeschön erhalten alle angemeldeten Teilnehmer*innen jeweils zwei Festival Exhibition Tickets im Wert von je 10€ für das Greentech Festival am 23. und 24. Juni in Berlin TXL.

Alle Informationen zum Festival findest Du unter www.greentechfestival.com

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