Danube Festival

July 3, 2023

In the summer of 2023, scientists, activists, artists and citizens from all over Europe met in Calarasi, Romania for the first Danube Festival. On the banks of the world's most international river, we took part in a diverse program ranging from workshops, lectures and discussions to arts and crafts, outdoor activities and concerts. For three days we exchanged ideas, practices and worked on solutions for the future of a lifeline that faces numerous threats.


With each workshop, the value of a healthy ecosystem became more and more clear to us:
Its importance as a habitat for many species, for growing food, and as a source of safe drinking water are just the beginning of a long list of vital functions
which the Danube fills.




On International Danube Day we would like to appeal to companies, politicians and citizens with whom we share our beloved river: Let's keep the rivers and seas clean together. More about this in our video:



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